Moves within Europe

We have over 300 partner companies across Europe.

Your move within Europe

We, the Max Müller Umzüge, are partners of DMS Deutsche Möbelspedition and a member of EMG European Moving Group.
All members ensure a smooth move and stand for security during the move.


The EMG - European Moving Group

Europe's leading cooperation of furniture forwarders.

The structures and objectives of all EMG European Moving Group partners are identical. All companies are owner-managed, successful, medium-sized enterprises with excellent performance and the highest quality - constantly tested and certified according to high quality standards. The EMG-European-Moving-Group and its members are the best partners for companies that move their employees across Europe or for private customers moving within Europe.

The EMG-European-Moving-Group was founded by five leading Möbeltransport groups with the aim of increasing their performance within Europe. In over 300 European cities, EMG-European-Moving-Group members offer their customers high-quality services.

The founding agreement of the EMG European Moving Group was signed in June 2001. All five groups have recognized that a dense European network is indispensable to meet the needs of their customers.

Ihre Vorteile

By combining traffic flows empty rides are reduced considerably. You gain from a favourable price/performance relationship.

  • European streets are relieved by empty rides. Therefore, traffic jams are reduced and our environment is protected in our favour.
  • Being a customer of EMG companies you can be sure that the same high quality standards are complied with all over Europe. This quality is documentated with a certificate issued for each group concerned.
  • At more than 300 sites all over Europe EMG European Moving Group partners are able to provide all move-related services required. You take advantage of the expert competence and local knowledge of your EMG partner on site.
  • Based on the dense EMG net existing all over Europe, e.g. from Sicily to Stockholm and from Budapest to Barcelona, there is always a reliabe EMG European Moving Group partner in your neighbourhood.
  • At nearly all sites in Europe EMG European Moving Group partners dispose of safe and modern storage possibilities.

EMG member sites

6,600 employees at 120 locations. With our modern logistics network and our approximately 6,600 employees at 120 locations, we offer you highly qualified relocation and service services from a single source. Far beyond Germany's borders. Trust in the service network, which is also connected to you. Wherever it goes!