Trained Staff own carpenters and furniture specialists

Packing, packing, unpacking, disassembling, assembling, loading, unloading and much more ...

The employees of Max Müller relocations are reliable, they are trained and experienced specialists, who provide you with professional advice and support.

You must be able to rely on everything and everyone in your move. The employees of Max Müller relocations are experienced service providers who are at work with heart and mind.

Each of our employees already has a completed education or experience in his previous profession (for example, as a carpenter, electrician or other craftsman).

Moving is a matter of trust.

You can confidentially entrust your inventory and your personal belongings to our employees. In order to provide you with an impeccable and reliable service at all times, our employees are constantly trained.

Technical as well as in their personality, so that they can create a pleasant work environment through team spirit.