Professional advice and planning activities

Precision landing. Certainly

"Object Planning"
In case of object moves it is essential to plan and define individual procedure steps whether it is a question of small office unit, great administrative centre or whole industrial company moves.

Whether Moves of samall offices, or full Companys.

Max Müller Umzüge disposes of the corresponding competence as to planning activities, advice, organization, and completion, has the technical equipment and specialized know-how and shows the necessary flexibility required.

Ecologically beneficial packaging material and means of transportation adapted to personal and household effects are used by us for all moves concerned. This is part of our uniform DMS Quality Management System which is also approved officially by having been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO Standard.


And that's what we offer you

In our individual, perfect coaching, we provide our customers with comprehensive advice and support with project-specific solutions and flexible relocation concepts.

In this way, we also provide you with the highest degree of preparation and planning security in the independent handling of the necessary relocation activities.

The goal of our experience-based workshops is to bring our customers an independent and cost-conscious relocation.

With the preparation of a rough schedule and relocation logistic, they serve both the project manager and the relocation team in the processing and answering of all relocation-relevant questions and topics.

Based on extensive checklists, the necessary activities, responsibilities and dependencies are determined and discussed.

The forms and forms necessary for the implementation of the work, Eg an activity list, an inventory database or a relocation manual, are available to all participants.