Moving specialists from Max Müller Umzüge load moving boxes into the furniture van

Moves of members-Bundeswehr

Moves of members-Bundeswehr

Max Müller Umzüge is the official contractor of the German government for foreign relocations.

We have planned, coordinated and successfully implemented many relocations for employees of the Foreign Office, the Bundeswehr, the Goethe Institute and many other Federal Ministries, Government Agencies and Organisations.

We are the framework contract partner of the German Armed Forces for domestic transfers of members of the Bundeswehr.

Obligations of Max Mueller Umzüge being a partner to the Bundeswehr:

  • The company agrees to perform this Basic Agreement with the attention of a conscientious businessman and perform and charge all services in accordance with economical procedures. Furthermore, the company agrees to handle the move in consideration of ecological aspects and ecologically beneficial and, if possible, involve non-road-bound means of transportation (vessels of inland navigation, trains).
  • Prior to entering into a move agreement the company must inspect the personal and household effects and prepare a cost estimate in consideration of a personal and household effects list filled in together with the person to move and signed by him/her. Apart from the services for prework, transportation, rework, and special services the cost estimate must include all special transportation activities like separated dispatch of personal and household effects even from another place and extraordinary expenses based on particular aggravations on performing the move.
  • The company agrees not to exceed the remuneration shown in the cost estimate for services included therein.
  • Within a period of two weeks following the completion of the move the company shall raise the invoice in the name of the person moved and, together with a copy, make it availabe to him/her for examination purposes. The invoice must include all kinds and ranges of services performed definitely. For any extra expenses caused by additional services an evidence confirmed by the person moved must be furnished showing the necessity and scope of srervies performed. On request of the authority competent for the settlement of the invoice the company shall be obliged to present to said authority further evidences for services performed.
  • If the company is instructed by the person to move to procure a transport insurance the company shall be obliged to add to the invoice a proof of the insurance premium paid by the company